How I became mummy x

They say giving birth is the best time of your life next to getting married or next to your school years, but thats slightly how I remember it or what I can thanks to some lovely Gas and air,.

On the 24th when our daughter was supposed to arrive it didnt quite go to plan my water broke at 12.00pm after I thought i would take a lovely relaxing bubble bath only when I got out what I thought was pee ….wasnt it smelled sweet and wasnt the usual colour of urine.

Me being me didnt know what waters were supposed to be like so naturally I jumped on my phone to my friends to ask my mummy friends who’d been through it what they were like when their waters broke, and well they pretty much confirmed what I thought

Next thing Im on the phone to my dear mummy telling her my waters had broke 20 mins later sitting up the hospital to have it confirmed that they had gone I asked twice just to be sure , I text my hubby at work saying they had gone , he sent back saying ill be up asap and i said dont rush im being sent home I wasnt contracting very much so they said come back next morning to be induced If things didnt progress naturally.

Well next morning back I went at 8.00am to be induced I had the first pessary inserted to help the contractions well fast forward over a long exhausting day in which I had to stay overnight I didnt get a wink of sleep I have never been apart from my husband for very long and I got upset as was missing him awfully and was having regular observations every hour or so queue an very tired and frustrated Kay.

I was woken by the midwife on duty at 5am to be wheeled into the delivery suite where I had lots of people waiting for me as I had been left a while and someone didnt want to come out and was really contracting by this point I opted for an epidural after sounding like darth vader on the gas and air for a while to no success I was very tired by this point and had to have forceps and be cut 😦 which I lost a bit of blood and was rather pale numb from the epidural so my poor husband had to help me couldnt lift my arms to hold our daughter let alone move my legs.

I got a brief cuddle and tried to feed her only to have her taken off me which upset me as didnt know why they were taking her but as again been left for so long they thought she contracted an infection and had to be moved to neo-natal for antibiotics 3 more days later and an feeling of isolation and many trips to the ward to get any sign of food an nice hot shower later and we were cleared to bring her home.

I couldnt thank the ladies on the ward though for taking care of me and little wookie for the time we were there as i tried breastfeeding only to find I was cracked bleeding and sore from latching which I was helped to make the decision to bottle feed and to this day little wookie is not so little happy and healthy.

Which brings me to our son little ewok his was pretty straight forward except I was on my way to an family sunday dinner well we didnt make it quite down the road when my waters decided to break pmsl to this day my husband hasnt forgiven me as he was really looking forward to an roast dinner (sorry honey) but we did an u-turn and headed to my mother’s which was luckily close by and well the water didnt stop coming so didnt take much convincing they had gone, phone call to the family sorry we wont be able to make dinner as little one decided he wanted to make an appearance one car ride later to the hospital and things didnt take as long this time back on the gas and air and an epidural later which has left me with a few holes in my back as it took 6 attempts to get it in my back my angel tattoo is a little holey 😦 2.48 am and well he was here and told all was well and could home that day only to wait all day until 11pm when they got round to giving me my anti-d injection and done my paperwork they were in the office talking about facebook NOT happy kay wanted to go home to my own bed eventually got home and the rest is history.

If you have any of your birth stories then please feel free to comment and i shall get back to you as soon as im done after the 100th nappy change lol.

FAQ’S about the author (20 max)

Just some frequently asked questions about your hostess

  1. What is ny name : Kayleigh Jane Webster
  2. Age: 30
  3. Starsign: Gemini
  4. Any pets: none yet
  5. How tall : 5’7 / 5’8 ive shrunk a little
  6. Shoe size: 7
  7. Superhero : my powers would be invisibility or telepathy
  8. If i won the lottery I would buy a new house and do it up
  9. My talents mainly consist of drawing /crafts especially for my voluntary role
  10. I had a cherished teddy bear his name is Huggles ( I had him from 18 months old) and is now my daughter’s
  11. Am I a good cook : just the basics nothing fancy
  12. Favourite food : Pizza -margherita or a pepperoni depends on mood
  13. Have i met celebrities: depends on what/who you class as a celebrity
  14. Baths or showers: Have found that showers are best for the mom on the go but occasionally when get the time cant beat a good bath
  15. Favourite curse word: Bastard
  16. Left or Right handed : Right
  17. Ghosts or Aliens : Both
  18. Scared of needles : Yes even though I have 6 tattoos (sorry mum and dad )
  19. Have I eaten a whole tube of pringles to myself : YES on many occassion
  20. If I could see any band live : It would be Alterbridge again \m/

Theres just some of the questions I get asked if you would like to ask any of your own then please feel free to push that comment button and leave me a funny anecdote or phrase then all are welcome .


Whenever your child/children have done something worthy what do you do to reward them?

Often I find myself saying Good girl/boy and I find it feels like im addressing an dog what other things can you say?

Hubby and I try fist bumps or high fives for when they are being clever or have done something by themself and are most rewards deemed as bribes, after some extensive googling these are some of the things the recommend you use as a reward system.

  1. make an star chart -though add stickers or something fun from time to time
  2. a small toy for toilet training
  3. one of my favourites was making duggee stickers from hey duggee (tv programme)
  4. A sweetie from the shops if weve had a good day at preschool
  5. A present if weve brushed our teeth day and night for 2 weeks
  6. A lucky dip bag

or just type in and find a whole range of reward charts 66b02c273ad73c554f4ddcfabb8998f3--cheap-picture-frames-plastic-picture-frames

  • what things do you do as ever leave a comment x

PND-post natal depression

A topic not many mum’s know about and if they do then they know this is not the nicest thing us mum’s experience after having children, often I have found myself feeling like I’m failing as a parent and crying when both my kids are hungry and desperate for food or they are ill and i’ve tried all I can to make them feel better only to have them cry and cry and all I can offer is a cuddle or a hug or when teething happens.

Some people dont recognise the signs and can be mistaken quite often as just tiredness/sleep deprivation or overall emotions after birth but this condition can leave you feeling like you dont want to be a parent sometimes and find that you want to lock yourself away but I find that a smile or a simple I love you sometimes is all it takes to make those feelings melt away.

Signs to recognise or you find yourself feeling :

  • Low self-esteem and lack of confidence.
  • Feelings of inadequacy and guilt.
  • Negative thoughts.
  • Feeling that life is meaningless.
  • Feeling unable to cope.
  • Tearfulness and irritability.
  • Difficulty sleeping or changes in sleeping patterns.

Do consult your GP if you feel if you need the help I was lucky enough and still am to have a support system of family and friends to help me cope, never be afraid to speak up or tell someone that your not coping or you need a break, theyre are woman who have been in the same position you are and can help or husband’s or partner’s be the shoulder they need or just offer to take the baby sometimes or help wherever you can with bath-times or just even changing bottoms , making dinner or going to the park for a bit to let mum let off some steam.

Know this you are doing a great job your children are happy and healthy and that is all that matters, they need you to show support , happiness and laughter and overall LOVE for that is what makes the world spin.

Again please feel free to leave me a comment or share your experiences im not a nurse or trained professional im just a woman , mum ,wife , daughter , just like all of you not a day goes by where im not covered in food,sick or worse lol so i cant thank enough the people who  take the time to read these or my family that provide the inspiration or the comedy aspect of these blogs and i hope you continue to enjoy or find informative or funny.





Kids tv shows and the growing use of technology

A repeated blessing in disguise or a humming curse/bane on our existance, everything from paw patrol to peppa pig to these new bloods like Nella the princess knight and Rusty rivets, do they actually help our childrens development or just entertain with pretty colours to shut them up ? also we can tell christmas is drawing nearer what with new toys being introduced.

Where do you stand ? and should there be a limit to how much they are exposed to, encourage families to switch off and play outdoors more or engage and educate .

Im also finding that we overanalyse these programmes on many occasion my husband and I have found ourselves discussing things at length such as :

. Where are ryder’s parents and how is he funded

. where are the towns people -you only see captain turbot, jake, mr porter and such like

.Surely there is animal cruelty at how overworked the pups are -so much they lose sleep

.And last but not least who on earth ! voted /elected for mayor goodwin in the first place and that bloomin chicken!

Which would lead me onto mobile phones and how guilty we are of spending too much time on them and how guilty  I am of taking too many photos and not enough fort making or trying to make crafts worthy of a blue peter badge.

Anyway I try not to scroll through facebook or post too much about our children as I have seen many do so in the past or tumblr or twitter and instragram , I miss out on how our kids have grown in front of our eyes.

Do you have any bug bears with kids programmes share your thoughts and feelings or the ever growing use of technology? I could go on all day but I have nursery run to do x  please feel free to comment and I shall get back to you as soon as possible thankyou again for taking the time to read these ramblings and hope you continue to enjoy reading them as I am typing them.

Washing up :(

Anyone who knows or is blessed to have a washing machine then this post is not for you ! and I envy you as I sit here and type there is a pile just waiting for me to start scrubbing, but as anyone who has washed up knows this process can be soul destroying unless you have some soulful tunes to help along and make things go that little bit smoother .

As most people have a toddler or a young un you know there is more than you hoped for and if you have to balance your children on your hip then you know how long this task can take ! especially if you add extra bubbles it can make it a little better only if like me you have given your child a bubble moustache or mohican then yes it provides a little light entertainment and a well placed photo to nanny/grandma on whatsapp or messenger or one to add the photo album for when they reach 18 and embarassment purposes or blackmail of they havent cleaned their room ( insert manical laugh here).