blessing part 2

In my previous blog I stated in the title blessing, to what that stipulates is if any parent has had to deal with fees for nursery/school then you know what an heartattack that is and can be quite an eyeopener but today I found my faith in humanity was restored I wont go into overt detail but boy am I glad that is not going to put me over the edge just yet I have found an excellent preschool for our little wookie to attend and seems quite happy and content.

I am quite greatful for other blessings in the fact that our little wookie is doing well as we havent experienced any dramas no tears /no tantrums as again any parent can attest that first time you take them your heart wants to shatter and the tears makes you die inside.

There are other blessings and I could go on and bore you to tears and wonder why you subscribed to this blog in the first place but Im not that evil and as I sit here and comtemplate what is in store for our little ewok and how his future will pan out Ive come to the conclusion that all will be alright.

Again if you have any stories or tales of the dreaded nursery run then please feel free to leave a comment.






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