Bills, bills,bills

I wish this blog was in any relation to the popular destiny’s child song but like many thing in this world this is one of the things all of us dont like to have to deal with.

Having to struggle from one month to the next and if any mummy knows coming off maternity is the worst thing, you are torn between the bliss of having peace from the kids to the thought of returning to work and missing out on those all important milestones like taking those vital first steps or saying their first word or any first’s we know they go through.

Unfortunately we cant avoid them as much as we try and have to work ourselves to the bone to pay them, or to afford the nappies, baby milk or the monthly food shop just to survive, if anyone knows what its like to rent their property then they too deal with what is referred to as ‘dead money’ where that money that is put towards your rent and utilities which could ultimately go towards paying for a mortgage.

I could go on and on and on but I never want this blog to turn into something political or rant and rave about our government and the affects it has on our living , otherwise i would divert from the intention of this blog all together for us mums, in short I hope all comes full circle in the end and we see an light at the end of the tunnel for us all .

As usual please feel free to leave me a comment or recommend me to a friend to pass on the word again my much appreciation from this mummy to you.








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