Washing up :(

Anyone who knows or is blessed to have a washing machine then this post is not for you ! and I envy you as I sit here and type there is a pile just waiting for me to start scrubbing, but as anyone who has washed up knows this process can be soul destroying unless you have some soulful tunes to help along and make things go that little bit smoother .

As most people have a toddler or a young un you know there is more than you hoped for and if you have to balance your children on your hip then you know how long this task can take ! especially if you add extra bubbles it can make it a little better only if like me you have given your child a bubble moustache or mohican then yes it provides a little light entertainment and a well placed photo to nanny/grandma on whatsapp or messenger or one to add the photo album for when they reach 18 and embarassment purposes or blackmail of they havent cleaned their room ( insert manical laugh here).


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