Kids tv shows and the growing use of technology

A repeated blessing in disguise or a humming curse/bane on our existance, everything from paw patrol to peppa pig to these new bloods like Nella the princess knight and Rusty rivets, do they actually help our childrens development or just entertain with pretty colours to shut them up ? also we can tell christmas is drawing nearer what with new toys being introduced.

Where do you stand ? and should there be a limit to how much they are exposed to, encourage families to switch off and play outdoors more or engage and educate .

Im also finding that we overanalyse these programmes on many occasion my husband and I have found ourselves discussing things at length such as :

. Where are ryder’s parents and how is he funded

. where are the towns people -you only see captain turbot, jake, mr porter and such like

.Surely there is animal cruelty at how overworked the pups are -so much they lose sleep

.And last but not least who on earth ! voted /elected for mayor goodwin in the first place and that bloomin chicken!

Which would lead me onto mobile phones and how guilty we are of spending too much time on them and how guilty  I am of taking too many photos and not enough fort making or trying to make crafts worthy of a blue peter badge.

Anyway I try not to scroll through facebook or post too much about our children as I have seen many do so in the past or tumblr or twitter and instragram , I miss out on how our kids have grown in front of our eyes.

Do you have any bug bears with kids programmes share your thoughts and feelings or the ever growing use of technology? I could go on all day but I have nursery run to do x  please feel free to comment and I shall get back to you as soon as possible thankyou again for taking the time to read these ramblings and hope you continue to enjoy reading them as I am typing them.

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