FAQ’S about the author (20 max)

Just some frequently asked questions about your hostess

  1. What is ny name : Kayleigh Jane Webster
  2. Age: 30
  3. Starsign: Gemini
  4. Any pets: none yet
  5. How tall : 5’7 / 5’8 ive shrunk a little
  6. Shoe size: 7
  7. Superhero : my powers would be invisibility or telepathy
  8. If i won the lottery I would buy a new house and do it up
  9. My talents mainly consist of drawing /crafts especially for my voluntary role
  10. I had a cherished teddy bear his name is Huggles ( I had him from 18 months old) and is now my daughter’s
  11. Am I a good cook : just the basics nothing fancy
  12. Favourite food : Pizza -margherita or a pepperoni depends on mood
  13. Have i met celebrities: depends on what/who you class as a celebrity
  14. Baths or showers: Have found that showers are best for the mom on the go but occasionally when get the time cant beat a good bath
  15. Favourite curse word: Bastard
  16. Left or Right handed : Right
  17. Ghosts or Aliens : Both
  18. Scared of needles : Yes even though I have 6 tattoos (sorry mum and dad )
  19. Have I eaten a whole tube of pringles to myself : YES on many occassion
  20. If I could see any band live : It would be Alterbridge again \m/

Theres just some of the questions I get asked if you would like to ask any of your own then please feel free to push that comment button and leave me a funny anecdote or phrase then all are welcome .

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