Living with a gamer 

There was always going to be pros and con’s to being married to an gamer and I have found that there was going to be times when I found myself wondering what have I got myself into.

But over the time i have found that the basis of our relationship is not only founded on our love for all things geeky or competitive it is based on a mutual respect of each other’s pursuits and talents and my husbands lies in gaming he is very passionate and sometimes a little cocky but then he has every right to be as lots of people have asked for his advice or look to him to have the answer for most things so much he’s affectionately known as wookiepedia.

The upside to all of this is the vast amount of friends we have made through various nights of entertainment from the hilarious quip lash fibbage and overall favourite murder trivia party, so can’t complain there are other things that are good about a gamer but they are too nsfw to put on here and shall spare my family the details ( insert blushing here).

Once or twice some choice words were thrown but that was only because my ass was being handed to me at cod ( call of duty) but I get my revenge on Mario kart mwah ha ha ha!

If any of you are married to an gamer or in a relationship with one please share your experiences or stories as usual.

Just a quick creditation to Aaron Etchells’ for the suggestion for this blog and of course my hubby for providing the topic subject xx

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