Do many of you have them ? and found yourself the recipient of scrutiny by others just because you have them ?

Does having tattoo’s make us any less of a good parent because we have them ?

I have found that our little wookie loves them and constantly traces the outlines on them, as for my parenting she laughs and giggles like any other child so no my tattoo’s do not affect in any shape or form, we have playtimes and bath-times  like anyone else .

If people have a problem with them then that is up to them , you dont necessarily have to have them to make you a good parent some of the best moms and dad’s I know both have them and dont and doesnt make an difference one bit.

It’s a personal choice at the end of the day and an expression or extension of personality or that weve had an moment affect us in a way we needed to represent that feeling.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings.

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