Another baby

Before I start this blog let it just be known I am not having another baby ( for the family who have breathed a sigh of relief and hubby who wont have an coronary) Some people make an decision to add to their families.

I personally decided that I always wanted 2 children (though i gained two more through marriage  🙂 best decision ever as i adore them!

What were the factors that helped you make your decision

1. The idea of having an crazy household

2. An sibling for your child to play with

3. Lots of love you didn’t think you would have

4. Sound of an filled household

6. Just the right time

Some of the websites say that there at things you need to consider before you make an new addition to your family :

  • When is the best time ? – some wait several years -others (cough) it happened in 9 months after the first
  • How many more children after this one ?
  • How it will affect lifestyle, finances, work, relationship,and of course the dynamic of the elder sibling


Whatever it was don’t let the fear put you off thinking that you wouldn’t be able to cope or that you won’t have enough love or space for them as somehow it happens naturally or overtime these are choices only you can make you know your heart and your head.

Please dont be afraid to leave a comment or join a website called MUSH its just for us mummies ( its like tinder for moms ( NOT my description lol) ) to arrange playdates or make new friends in your area or rant an rave about having to deal with tantrums at stupid o clock in the morning .

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