What Ive learnt from doing this blog is that:

A. I have awesome family and friends who have taken the time to read this page and show some support.

B. You can do anything you put your mind to

Ive always had an penchant for writing ever since I was little mum and dad and pretty much every english teacher I had encouraged me to never give it up , though the grammar/prose structuring or whatever isnt there , this blog is just that raw and rough around the edges just like me.

Its opened up to a world of possibility I didnt think was open to me, this platform has allowed to me communicate thoughts and feelings I didnt think I would get to express and the best bit is I find im not alone, mummy groups are one of the ways but as of yesterday I found that my ramblings have reached someone in Romania ! I am truly touched even if you may have just stumbled upon it and didnt understand it x

Neverless blogging has become one of those things that i didnt know was widely known or talked about and im hoping its not becoming an lost art form, because Ive found im really enjoying it and the confidence it has given me a joy I didnt think I could feel again, hobbies are far and few between in the life of a mom they range from scrapbooking (who does that ) oh me ! and making puppets with the kids to baking cakes (which im awful at) I tend to leave that to daddy.

Please let me know  if your enjoying this blog or you totally hate it x





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