When the modern day mom truly becomes domesticated these are the things she finds herself not being able to live without or sometimes weighing up in her head

  • What is the better hoover this new shark or the Dyson or the ever faithful and amusing little Henry hoover
  • The four toaster or the two
  • A 6kg drum or an 8 for those times when you have a large household
  • Do I go for that aqua vanilla combo in living room next time I redecorate
  • Would that lamp look better in the bedroom or the pantry!?
  • I wish I had paid more attention to those cooking shows

And how many times a day will I be asked if  we can have a man cave…. the answer will always be no unless we have a pool table xx

What appliances do you find yourself wishing you had or couldn’t possibly live without? and how much are you willing to pay for them ?

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