WWF wrestle match mom VS toddler! 

If anyone has known the daily struggle of changing the volcanic nappy or explosion that is then this comes to close to second once having struggled to change them, you then  have to employ some moves which hale from wrestlemania to get them dressed!

Let it be known these moves are done safely and in the name of fun, if you manage to catch these incredibly fast and clever monkeys ( appears they can hide anywhere).

Then these techniques can be quite handy :

  • The tombstone gently of course! And usually gets good amount of giggles from LO (little one) 
  • Bouncing from an imaginary rope again admits giggles exercise for parents and leads to pinning said child which leads to blowing of raspberries and tickling
  • Leg holds to help get trousers on  or socks and allows tickling of feet

    You get the general gist but these moves have been tried and tested for the last ten years or so and have proven time and time again to be effective if you have any suggestions or stories on how you’ve wrestled your little one into their pj’s or school uniform by now I don’t have to tell you x

    But if I do leave a comment or share with friends and get them to spread the word. 

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