Interview with a mommy :

For this blog I decided to gain some perspective from other  mommy’s on what and why they decided to take on this loved title of MOM and had quite an response of willing participants well 3 to be exact and couldnt be more appreciative taking the time out of their schedules xx I have left out names of the ladies and their children for personal reasons.

I asked 15 picked questions based upon their  experiences , what they felt like to become mom, and in turn shed some light on the community that is motherhood.

Here are some of their responses :

1st mom :  I asked her reaction to finding out she was to become a mommy was a very happy one, and excited to being mom, and the advice they gained was a mixture of positive and negative and was sometimes delivered in an condescending way, the first time she held her child was confusing and unsure and frightened ( werent we all especially if its the first x ) on coming home from hospital guests were far and few between as this is the crucial time that baby’s need to build immunity.

If anything they miss is sleep (so do i 🙂 ) I moved onto is it better to be a stay at home mom or go back to work?  most of us have chose to work part-time when we return, the best time of being an mom they found was the smiles they receive, the warm hugs and gives a sense of purpose, in times of motherdom we find that the things that make us laugh or cry is reflux/ milk allergy it makes us feel helpless when all we can offer is comfort and love , though the smiles and babbles help a little.

When prompted if its best to be married or go it alone this mommy said married or in an partnership and if they could do it again they hoped they could and offered this advice to trust your gut, DONT BE AFRAID, and if you think something is wrong with doctors challenge it !!! I asked if you could describe your children what words would you use and little one is funny, beautiful and loud x.

Mommy no.2 : This lady is an dear friend of mine and very gracious she accepted to answer these for me, the overall reaction was shock , happiness, overwhelmed and super excited, she loves the rewarding job and finds it sometimes draining her advice was first mostly good, the odd critic or two, but found usually to take it all on board.

When they first met their children they were surprised at the instant connection, instant love and amazement that they were her children xx only visitors to the hospital were allowed, she was young when she had her oldest and misses the carefree adult life but wouldnt change any decision or having kids for the world, her best part is the cuddles,kisses and proud moments when they feel as if they achieved something personally, her relationship is an very good one atm as he is an dear friend also though previously being married it failed to work but she would do it  all again as there is something with that new baby feel but is content with what she has right now x , as to what she thinks is best breast/bottle ‘as long as they are fed ‘ it doesnt matter her words to describe : emotional, sweet,hardwork but WORTH IT ! and are her world.

Mommy no.3: A shock for her as she was young with the first , as for the second a little earlier than planned but both her and her partner were over the moon 🙂 she enjoys being an mom but has found it to be lonely and misses being needed when they grow independent and not needed as much , if any advice she could give you would be to take it all on board, she didnt want to seem bigheaded but most she dismissed not because she knows it all but because she knows best.

If she were to do it all again she would as with the first she was scared she would brake her and was very unsure what to do with her, but this time around she feels it was right and a lot easier to get back into mommy mode, at the hospital they had guests but at the comfort of their home it was just the family as it was time to heal, from time to time she misses so much as most tend to think parents are selfish when they say that but having children at such an young age took most of that away and missed out on the freedoms most experience during that time, for the first nine months she stayed at home with her first then came back to education where we had many adventures and fun times together ( giggles) took a year to herself joined to become a volunteer worker she would like to be a stay at home but many of us find that financially we cant do it and will return to worl when they are nine months old.

To start she was a single parent and taught her that the best thing was that she got to raise her child how she wanted without anyone telling her how to, she loves beig everything to her child and the adoring way she is looked at, it takes a lot to make her cry and finds it hard to understand and deal with the problems that her child faces and causes worry and stress, at this moment in time shes content with being mommy to just the two (I know how that feels) as far as feeding as long as they are fed it doesnt matter it always a good start, when her eldest was younger she took her shopping to use the facilities only for her daughter to yell at her ‘mom look at your penis’ it took her over half an hour to leave without an red face and overcome her anxiety xxx

If she could describe her children she would say their shy, lonely and unhappy at times but good days they are funny, smart and excite-able as for the youngest stubborn and sleepy are the most that come to the forefront.

I cant thank these woman enough for standing up and sharing these precious times with me as mother’s our children are our most guarded possession and would go to any length to protect them or to not to see them fail if you have any stories or would like to share your experiences then please feel free to do so all are welcome .

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