Work segregation

Mommy’s back at work do you  find yourself sitting at the table by yourself at lunch either because your new or because everyone has already found their  click that one architypal social group.

When the clock comes round to that beautiful time when you have taken all you can of looking at people and trying not to envisage them as a food product of some shape or description and you take the lonely walk to the stuffy , boring staff room only to find not only does the vending machine not work but also all the tables are taken by the people from the make -up counters or the people who work on certain departments and as you approach you are glared upon as to say dont sit there !

As you munch upon your store bought/ home made sandwich you think to yourself am i really that bad ? do i smell ? or do i just give off the vibe that people dont want to sit with me. 

Also this week I’ve been having fun with the work vending machine as first it didn’t want to take my money then decides it’s going to give me things I didn’t want or order but I’ve found there is an upside and that is the hot chocolate is too die for an nice it’s 30p so even better. 

Either way describe your experiences being back at work and how your finding the transition


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