Our little ewoks 1st birthday 

December time one year ago walking to dinner to meet my family with our baby girl when my waters decide to break!

Our little boy wanted to make an appearance after an fairly easy labour minimal pain relief 2.48 am and out popped this wrinkly little human weighing exactly as much as when his sister was born and both our first thought was ‘ boy you don’t half look like your grandad (Webster) eventually you’ve grown to look like my old man and it’s been an adventurous and best time of ours and little wookies life x happy birthday my sweet adorable little man xxx love mommy and daddy and your family x

Over the day we came down and opened presents after being at little wookie’s first nativity play that didnt quite go to plan , mommy went out and brought the costume and got her already and we were tired and not well and cried for mommy and daddy 😦 so we came home and celebrated with little ewok helping playing with his new toys, we now have lots more clothes for him to wear as he seems to just grow and grow we had lots of visitors come and go , everyone from nannys and grandma’s and auntie and uncles and cousins all wishing him an happy birthday , we had his sister help blow out his candle and the sweetest thing singing to him when it came to bathtime after being covered in chocolate cake 🙂

Both now are sound asleep as this mommy enjoys a nice energy drink and watch classic superman x so proud of my kids and cant believe how lucky a mommy I am x

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