Christmas traditions and xmas day shenanigans x

This season got me thinking after spending the day with my family friends and extended family x and maybe watching olaf’s frozen adventure already way too much !

What are and if you have any traditions  do you have something special you do together as a family or on your own that makes it Christmas time for you such as

  • Lighting an yuletide log
  • Hanging that particular ornament on the tree
  • Or having an fry up in the morning
  • sitting round the tv and watching the queen’s speech
  • playing card games
  • or waking your siblings at ridiculous time in the morning (6am is tradition for us )

Xmas day:

Well having woken all my family at 5.45am  after being kept awake with an runny nose and feeling grotty I gathered all of us under the covers and proceeded to open the kids stocking presents from santa aka (the grandads) a selection box each and a couple of presents from our friends.

Our little wookie got an cd of her favourite film Trolls’s ( it has gone in daddy’s car ) and little ewok was just happy with the paper xxx we moved downstairs where mommy made an much needed tea/coffee for me and daddy to make us appear or seem a bit more human we dived headlong into the stack that lay before us, obviously one or two for us the rest being for them ! 🙂 probably the loudest squeal though was mine as hubs had brought me an BB8 christmas jumper ( had been talking about one non-stop for weeks) seen so many at work only to find just how busy we had been, luckily for me I had brought mr wookie’s presents long ago and some pretty awesome listening later and straight away ordering managed to get what he asked for.

I got some new blue rays I have been trying to get round to watching and a new game for my Ps4 for me and hubs to get through x and a spanking new handbag XD as my blue one is on its way out onto retirement it has seen better days x.

Onwards to my mother’s for the usual family gathering or how many human bodies can we physically fit into the living room, and a slap up meal from mother and the boy’s leaving just that small space for a delectable gateaux ( not one but two slices :*) and I was not alone in that endeavour somedays I am thankfull for sister in law’s who think like me XD.

We watched partially some of the queen’s speech though we tend to avoid it like the plague as it seems to please the elder generation, and its mainly just to see what she’s wearing though truth to be told couldnt care less : 8 . This is followed by an amass of card games and merryment of drinking ( and yes little ones are normally asleep by this point) and hopefully we are stuffed and laughed out by this point to wind down and try to figure out just in the blue blazes are we going to get  all the presents home!!!!

Boxing day :

This day is the come down day of xmas and is my mother in law’s birthday so lots of cake and xmas no.2 a nice meal and lots of family all squished in one room, though this year was also marred by the fact that me and hubs were both working over xmas so couldnt enjoy the day as much but the kids were thoroughly spoilt and mama had an good day so overall wasnt too bad XD.

If you have any fun stories you want to share or any topics you would like me to cover over this 2018 then please leave me an comment as usual .


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