Xmas present’s – to fill santa’s sleigh or to grinch it ?

Having just posted about the break down of how my xmas went brought me onto my next point :

How much is too much ? One mom has claimed to have spent over £2000 on her kids for presents, when did it become an obsession or competition to outdo each other for best gifts , surely the idea or point of gift giving is the thought or seeing that person’s reaction on christmas day and children dependent on age remember that its the people they spend time with and the boxes and wrapping that the gifts came in !!! 🙂

This year had proven that result, as watching from a retail perspective the undying need to scrounge for an bargain or that present you wanted to get but didnt have the money for to come down in price, having worked boxing day and the days that followed as our stock flew off the shelves from an business perspective this was great as a mum and shopper I couldnt believe my eyes, just made me think of the grinch and how much stuff people had piled in their shopping trolley’s.

I was just looking forward to the magic of spending time with my family as in previous it was just me and mom dad and brother’s on xmas this year my kids were old enough to appreciate that santa was coming ( our youngest was 3 weeks old last year ) and seeing the excitement of presents and the lights on the tree and decorations planted all around our house truth be told our xmas was looking a little bleak but some angels saw to that and we managed to sort out presents for everyone even though we werent going to and just make it about the children but I’ve never liked the thought of people not having something to open on xmas day.

But what to find for kids’s that are A. age appropriate B. Not too expensive C. can be carried around town with me and just the buggy , struggling to find kid’s presents these days is so hard !! and if like us you live in a town that is undergoing constant changes and some of them not for the better , we still dont have an disney store 😦

Though at least were coming up from being just bookie’s and charity shops , I couldnt believe some of the prices of the toy’s themselves I covered an topic at the beginning of my blogging about the difference of parenting now vs 50 years ago and the toy’s they had then and what you could get for your money is such a shocker nowadays an £10 couldnt buy you what they could in the olden day’s ..am I not the only one who thinks this ?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below x



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