Pampering x

Last night was an odd sensation as both of the children were sound asleep after not being well for the last couple of days , this mummy had some much needed time to herself, and some much needed pampering in the form of buying/treating myself to some new razors as though I may have fine hairs I was starting to feel like an Wookie.

And was rather desperate to feel human again, On the whim when I was in town decided to purchase one of these black facial masks I have seen so widely advertised and found it to be not as such an big thing as its made out to be as Ive always liked to peel things ( yes i was one of those kids who put glue on their hands) but loved the way it made my skin feel afterwards and did notice the difference and the people in those videos do it wrong anyway as your not supposed to put it near your hair or eyebrows and if like me you do have some fine hairs I suggest you shave them first just in case , so shall be using it again when or If i have an similar experience.

After many a months I finally got round to removing the old nail polish colour from 2016 and done my nails and toes an nice turquoise colour something a little different and an attempt an feminism,  I am looking to change my hair but when and If that happens as much dutch courage will be needed and what sort of style suits me etc etc check this space.

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