Raising boys vs girls 

Having one of each and a fair gap between them (18 months) has been interesting to say the least as most kids have their own ways and personalities they create but chatting with other moms over time and hearing their stories begs the question which is better to raise boys or girls?

Starting off with an having little wookie and being an tomboy myself I have had to go back to being somewhat female such as tea parties and wearing pink but that hasn’t meant we dont like to roughhouse once in a while and even though her temper can quite happily match my own I have found with our little ewok that his nature is so different from hers.

He always smiles and is happy except when there is food or sleepy then he is a nightmare to settle as he wants constant attention whereas little wookie is happy to be independant and on her own, talking with another mom this morning on the walk to nursery, even they said how nice it is to have one of each , but that is not to say we wouldnt have been  happy with whatever or whoever we ended up with xx

Doing some online research and reading of other people’s excerpts and have found that each child is unique and individual in their own ways and neither is harder than the other though the factors of stereotype play an role such as

  • boy’s prefer video games and rough-housing
  • girls prefer fashion and tea-parties
  • boys gi-joe’s and ken dolls
  • girls barbie’s and all thing princess

Meeting friends children and other children from all walks of life I have found its an new day an age where the boundaries are being torn down and more boys are being encouraged to play with babies as some think this will help make them better dad’s in the future and that the idea of us pushing these types onto them from when theyre young is seen as taboo .

My theory is if there is love that child will be happy and thrive no matter what ! and yes this mommy thinks that boys should be boys and girls should be girls but I shall support my children in whatever they strive for , life is too short to live behind these walls we put up.

As always I invite you to leave your opinion and comments of what you’ve found with your little ones . Do you like to sip pretend tea in a world of pure imagination or insist that they be bedded down in a world of reality ?

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