Health and the cloud of infection

Over the past couple of day’s unfortunately Little Wookie and Ewok have been ill with colds/flu and temperatures and monday night an rather fun night of cleaning down vomit covered sheets and clothes , walls and toy’s though guiltily I have enjoyed the affection and hugs and cuddles that have come with it, it’s the one thing a mother can’t stand is there kids being ill and not being able to take away the unpleasantness of it all šŸ˜¦

Truth be told my health hasn’t been the best having caught colds and flu from the munchkins and catching an nasty bug where lets just say my clothes dont fit much anymore due to weightloss of some proportion.

An fun night at A and E with our youngest helped my esteem as a mother a little as I made an judgement call to have him checked out as this illness had continued longer than we had anticipated to find that he had severe mouth ulcers which had been caused by a mixture of his teething and chest infection I have never seen such an usually happy baby in so much pain and unhappiness it made my heart break x thankfully now he’s been given an throat spray to numb the pain and help him sleep and eat and drink lots better.

The illness didn’t stop there as little wookie became ill again then ewok then me and eventually big wookie and hopefully we are on a road to recovery now and can have a break from everything.

This mother’s tips range everything from anti-bacing (dissinfectant) everything from your toilet to your bath-tub to clothes and lots of blanket time and sleep have been our cures and the usuals of paracetemol and ibuprofen to help alleviate headaches and for the kiddies calpol , neurofen and dehumidifiers to help them sleep and breathe easier.

Have you or your little ones been suffering from this or any bugs recently and want to share your remedies or health tricks to help ?

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