Scouts ( celebrating nearly 10 years) of me being appointed

From an young age I have been encouraged to help and participate in the scouting community through my parents and their tireless work and have never looked back , it has helped with most of the jobs I have done growing up and have met so many people along the way , some I have the honour of calling my family x and dearest friends.

Through the years I have been on many camps and activities that have created some cringe worthy and laughable memories, to say it has been an great feeling knowing and seeing some of the children that walk through our doors , grow and succeed into adults to have families of their own and help their children is nothing short of an honour and a privilege.

These are just some of the things I have done :

  • Sleep-overs
  • Water-fights – end of term fun
  • Run bases – backwards cooking , knots , compass work
  • Learning songs in sign language and promises in different languages
  • Many fun trips – Duxford , transport museum , police stations and fire stations
  • Fund raising – hikes for charities , sitting in silence
  • Crab fishing – down waldringfield
  • Making all sorts and variants of crafts – puppet shows , pancakes , valentine’s-mother’s day-father’s day cards etc

And many things I have done but cant come to mind at the moment as has been an long time, and still going strong I dont know where I shall end up or what I shall be doing but I hope it continues and that who knows I may see my children become beavers, cubs or scouts .

Let me know if you / your partner or any is with the scouting community x

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