Retail (warning rant content)

Having worked in this particular job for x amount of years now and forgive me if I go off on a bit of a rant but having evolved as human beings do you think that people could try not to be rude ( or is this asking too much ).

I am paid to do a job and to have nothing but wave after wave of negativity and sometimes downright attitude and abusive behaviour do you think of the person who is serving you that has been either up at the crack of dawn had an bad night personally or not eaten as theyve had to get their kids ready aswell as them so they can put food on their table could do with an little respect and appreciation !

One thing I do not appreciate is people downright snapping at me for simply doing my job, some of the elder generation say that we as a collective are rude as an whole ……i beg to differ (if they genuinely cant hear me ) then all for them and yes those that know me apprarently I mumble and sometimes im downright like sargent hooks of police academy but those that ignore me or shrug me off with ‘ i’m just browsing ‘ or no i’m good thankyou you people annoy me most as you are the person/people that after 20 mins say ‘can you help me ‘ after I’ve blatantly asked if you needed help, Im not there to stand on the concession for the fun of it , I do know what i’m talking about funnily enough or to my next person the ones that think they are the experts ! just because you’ve brought them in the past doesnt mean that the company isnt changing or bringing new ways to change the product , so if they could let me finish and explain then I can help with any other questions or queries do not talk over me and proceed to tell me what it is you think you know !

Well anyway next time you find yourself in a shop or mine please strive to respect with politeness or receive the customer service that you are entitled to but do not take my position for granted and add more stress to my day because by god you know I will be ranting and raving about it more on here or for the rest of the day ( and no my husband does not enjoy hearing about it )



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