Valentine’s (sappyness approaching)

As the time of the month where people of all ages and sizes confess their love has been and gone this mommy has been reflecting on past relationships and what progressed.

Not to name name’s but those in the past I say thankyou for helping me to grow into the person I am today and shape me into the person I never thought I would be, to my hubby thankyou for giving me the opportunity to be mummy and wife and for all of our adventures over the 6 years (soon 4 of those married) also in a time when I needed him most as having spent the year from hell getting over an ex (who shall remain nameless) we have been together our valentine’s this year was a little subdued to having the kids with us , it was still a nice day together for a nice lunch at Byron Burger in town x and yes the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves little ewok couldnt get enough of mummy’s burger x

In the past I always dreaded valentine’s purely as most guys thought it was the best day to dump me on or I got the boy who I was best friend with wanting more and I just couldnt see it ( and yes this happened to hubby before I realised I had something good ) as for those others or the ones I hadnt met yet I say to you your not missing out on much ( with me that is -relationships or marriage is pretty sweet ) or well done on finding that someone as this hallmark ooey gooey mess of a day likes to promote , Ive always been in the mindset that love transcends all and just doesnt extend to one day to declare my love.

For some of us we all remember that first love and for me that time was primary school, but it wasnt to last as he moved away year 4 it was heartbreaking 😦 person number 2 was his best friend who liked me but couldnt tell his friend and didnt realise till we got to high school , only to find he wanted someone else (which she hated me) and well to say that didnt end well, every other guy in between has been an disaster and yes I wasnt exactly an easy person to deal with but I was sculpted that way, childhood and the way i was treated by everyone as less than someone special , oh well time and patience waited out and found someone who made me laugh again and feel like I was myself again.

What was the things that you and your loved got upto anything fun or special (and clean lol)

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