As many mom’s know travelling with children can be an eye opening experience , having been an person who in their youth travelled an lot to an number of destinations and was not the best of traveller’s I am yet to witness this first hand with both of our brood .

I envy those that are able to travel and go to many an destination and just enjoy somewhere that isnt wet and raining.

I look forward to making the memories that I experienced such as the countries and places we travelled to

  • Canada -Toronto and Ontario – loved this place , would love to go back only because of the atmosphere and the things we got to do
  • United states
  • – Missouri – This was a trip to visit family and see the many sights and excursions they have to offer
  • -Denver -breckenridge -skiing and trailblazing -beautiful scenery and rustic village with plenty to offer interms of food and entertainment
  • New york – god what cant be said about this place other than awesome and something to behold an experience I will never ever forget and some damn good memories I will aslways cherish
  • Belgium- This was an day trip but boy was this trip the most choppy as the sea was not very kind that day and a little kid was sliding around the soft play area trying not to be sick
  • Spain – Alcudia and Mallorca – As kids was the best time and plenty for us to see and do the beaches were beautiful and it pays to be a redhead to get free drinks for all
  • Magaluf-again lots of memories created that a kid should get to
  • France – trips to Disney land and trips to the south in val d’isere tignes le lac and les brevieres for skiing trips the first of many with family x

When I was smaller I had planned on going to some of these places to visit when I got older but if I get to see these places if money will ever allow

  • Cyprus
  • Italy – rome
  • Venice
  • Prague
  • Amsterdam – just because

As always this is the part where I invite you to share your experiences and memories so please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you

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