Snow , snow and more snow

These last few days as you’ve no doubt seen outside your windows this white abundance free flowing in mass quantities and anyone knows that if we get more than 10cm or it actually lays on the ground then that is something to behold, as storm emma has graced the UK I have never been more thankful for the heating in our house as me and the little ones have been snuggled in blankets and barely got dressed as we lounged in our pyjamas , we braved once or twice playing in the garden though we have learned that our little ewok is not so fond of the snow , little wookie on the other hand, enjoy’s being pulled around on a sledge x .

As children we were always encouraged to play outside even though our hands, toes and all extremities were frozen solid, I look back with fondness of the photos our parents took of us in what can only be described as the most 80’s looking all in one snowsuits !! and no those pictures are never resurfacing again , though I bet if you asked my siblings they would just purely for embarassment purposes which brings me to the recall of the unpleasant feeling of ice cold snow being shoved down my back by my elder siblings !! and running to tell mommy and daddy , its nice to be able to make those kind of memories with our own children and warms my heart but brings a tear at the same time as some of our loved ones arent here to see it, I know they are smiling and happy that we are carrying on with life as it means to and proves to me that I dont need a DNA test for little wookie as she learns to throw snow at me prompted by her daddy!

Anyhoo I hope you all have been out and made an snowman or participated in one or two snowball fights but have been safe as the weather is turning rather windy and icy , most of the roads proving to be unsafe and undriveable if you have any photos of your snowmen/woman then please feel free to post a comment or message on here and we shall have an judge of who’s was the most creative or funniest , or just any photos of the snow then share away x

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