As every parent knows whether your are a first timer or a second, third or fourth or however many you have , you know those times in your children’s lives that come and go that you always cherish , at the moment we are in the phase of trying to get little ewok to learn how to walk unaided , we have surpassed crawling and have moved onto what we have affectionately dubbed mowglying ( if anyone has seen The Jungle Book ) this is where they walk on hands with bum raised in the air like so,


It took little wookie literally a week after her 1st birthday I came home and hubby said Ive got something to show you and that was it off she went XD but its proving to be an process with little ewok who were betting will walk just after he’s 18 months.

Also being an proud parent both of them enjoy brushing their teeth ( after little ewok finally got his bottom 2 and big front teeth ) and were getting there with potty training with little wookie , who eventually we want to move onto big girl pants as for weaning well little one has been surpassing his sister in just eating for britain he is virtually solid , and havent found anything yet that he wont eat !

He’s also onto babbling and both of their first words were DADA 😦 two kids and neither say mommy oh well little wookie is coming along , and starting to say some words and trying to form sentences 🙂 which is always a plus as many parent knows the guessing game of WHAT DO YOU WANT ! grows a little tiresome as they point to the thing which you have no idea as they try to explain for the umpteenth time and get upset because you pick up the wrong thing again and again , also we’re progressing with sounds and colours and the one thing I didnt expect for little wookie to take a shine to or pick up so quick is watching mr tumble and learning makaton ( sign language) its really fascinating to watch them interact and grow x .

As for other milestones well we will cross them off and carry on as we must, and await for them happen over the years we have them XD do you have an favourite milestones or moments in your child’s years that you cherish or happy they achieved .



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