Buggy’s ( with a partial rant thrown in)

For us parent’s this is the main mode of transport we use for our children until they reach a certain age, or are walking to a standard where we are comfortable enough they are confidant that they dont need to use them anymore.

Having taken a trip in town to sort some stuff out some thought’s i’ve previously had began to resurface, and some of my bug bares reared their ugly head , having to have had to use both kinds of buggy in my time , a single and a double this mommy found that people are not so tolerant of buggy’s around town or on the buses as we like to think , or anywhere for that matter I could go on but ill spare you the read of other potential places where this occurs , what I shall say is this if you have a child that can walk or is old enough please do not leave the buggy unfolded in a space where people with babies who cannot walk yet can go and walk off with said child to a seat and then wonder why people are angry ! and if both spaces are taken up said bus driver do not roll your eyes at me as i struggle to juggle all the stuff I  have with me including having to take my son and out and carry him so he may sit on my lap so we can fold the buggy and find a seat we can sit on without people putting bags on seats so people cant sit down !!! ( and take a breath ) then yes my faith in transport and people shall be restored there was one nice person who offered to help me as other’s sat gawping and wondering why the bus was taking so long .

Anywhoo rant over onto the main subject buggy’s and the main types that are available and which ones are the best for overall safety and rating and what can be considered the best colour or fit for your child/ren personally this mommy’s first buggy was and still is a Graco single in fuchsia I could of gone for green but I already knew we were having a girl and thought it was more appropriate , but this buggy has survived so much and been so many places im surprised it’s still holding together, its been to beaches , museums and many a fine place some less accessible than others (aldeburgh beach ) , and it came part and parcel with the base and car seat at a very decent price £175 in total.

If you are like me and have family members who also have children ive had several items handed down to me and used to great extent, like the aforementioned double buggy which is like manouvring (not sure that’s how that’s spelt)  a tank and gives you biceps for days, again this is a graco and is fairly durable for long haul’s personally I dont know cost but can assume as its large a put load, Ive used once or twice quinny’sand grown a not so fondness for them as found I couldnt stand them, but it all falls down to personal preference in the end.

What would you recommend to someone who is just starting out as a parent, would you tell them to follow their heart , or do the research first ?


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