OOO taboo subjects

Okay this brings me to a very sensitive subject the things we moms choose to blog about , while trawling the internet in what to write about next this blogger comes across the forbidden subjects such as…..provided by the website familyeducation :

The TABOO’S of parenthood as discussed by myself and some fellow parent’s :

  • Birth experience – natural vs c-section -are you comfortable discussing this?  what challenge’s did you face if any ?
  • Boy or Girl-the usual gender stereotypes or if your belly hangs a certain way etc or you eat certain foods and should we be finding out or leaving it to a surprise
  • To work or stay at home– would you prefer to work or not and leave it to your partner to be the bread winner
  • Colic, crying or fusiness– people have lots of opinions on this such as aunts,uncles and grandmother’s /nannie’s as they used to do things much differently to us nowadays
  • Conception and fertility– again comfortable discussing this as can be a hard topic as some struggle to have babies x
  • Parenting style -everyone has an opinion on this- the cry it out method, smacking – yes/no , the naughty step.
  • Mommy’s post baby bod– no one likes this as can be quite shaming -some people lose weight quite rapidly where as others struggle
  • Baby’s name-always a fun one as parents know this can be the hardest thing to decide especially if not finding out the gender (see above)
  • To circumcise or not ? -im not one for religion but this is each to their own
  • Cloth vs Disposable diapers /nappies – again times have changed
  • Breast vs Bottle – a heavily debated topic by any standard

These are just some of the things we dont! mention when entering the world of parenthood or discuss openly as they can escalate into heated debates such as the last one on this list is a huge taboo and the biggest discussion at present the hospital’s stopping  people having  formula to promote / encourage people to breastfeed , though as this mom found it is not for everyone and yes I know the health benefits etc etc but Im not here to discuss that.

Some of these topic’s are discussed openly at playgroup’s among other mommy’s or daddy’s though never a comfortable discussion as parent’s can be quite guarded about their ideal’s or approaches and find there is a level of judgement that goes unspoken, but with many things  in this life these are just some of the rights of passage we face when we enter this community.

For those who are in it already or about to enter it , I say this dont be afraid to make your own decision’s dont let yourself be dictated to and allow those close to you tell you how you parent, yes they have been there and done that but its all advice you choose whether to take it or not, and dont let fear or doubt rule your heart or head as long as they are smiling and healthy at the end of the day , you are doing a good job !

Have you found yourself on the end of these question’s put forward to you by loved ones or the joe public ? and If so what was your response was it one of positive comment or negative ?


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