Nights with friends

Over the years we have had many adventures but the most exciting and enjoyable things recently have been our nights of laughing and overall silliness, hubby discovered a series of games called jack box party and well since then the high jinks have been to the point where we can’t breathe add in a touch of alcohol and who knows what could happen next!! hijinks that is …we be married people ( dirty lot ) x

Moving on …. the games range from question based to interactive to doodling and lots more there are currently 4 packs available.

  • Quiplash– many a fun night playing this and laughs a plenty as have to come up with your own answer’s after being given a prompt/question, the winner is decided by everyone else and audience members , the highest percentage wins
  • Earwax– you are given a prompt by other people and given various sounds , you have to pick 2 which you think match that prompt the results are blind and can be very funny
  • Fibbage – aim of the game bring your best lie to the table and make the others convinced its the truth

Just to name some of our favourites and ones we tend to play most, as these tend to have the most infectious laughter though am greatful for the fact the little ones go down for a sleep as most of the answers we put are so not PG !! some could be called downright disgusting XD we have played cards against humanity and well let’s say we found out who really is the darkhorse of the group !

Otherwise this post makes me thankful for the friend’s we have along the way , once the house is cleaned to a state I am happy with I shall be having more adult company which is needed .

What pasttimes do you guy’s partake in when your children are sleeping and you are allowed to be an adult x ?




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