Blast from the pasts (high school day’s)

Doing a little shopping today and saw a person from the primary school day’s and got me thinking of how far I have come as a person , sure I have my times where I cant help revert back to that girl that was bullied to the point where I thought once or twice running away or worse( sorry but couldnt be helped ) , I couldn’t wrap my head around why they were being nasty to me but I had to fight back otherwise I wouldnt of survived, and wouldnt of met my best friend and adopted sister (she’s like one ) x

I have had one or two people apologise to me in the past about how horrible they were to me and wished they’d spent more time with me and then there are just those who have no idea of what impact they had on me growing up.

But it’s made me stronger and resilient and I have a roof over my head and two beautiful children and husband who have changed my life so much x

Do anyone else have people or persons that they had bully them or just out to make their life miserable? I hope your times were much more pleasant than mine

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