Beautiful day

Yesterday was actually one of the nicest day’s ive had in a while , it started out as usual with the bombardment of the parent’s courtesy of little wookie, we get up put the TV on usually paw patrol or something along the lines of cbeebies , normally keeps them out of my hair for 5 minutes just while I get breakfast sorted ( if I dont bring it out at the same time all hell breaks loose) anyway I go to take hubbs a cup of tea and suggest we go out for breakfast well the kids thought this was a brilliant idea , if you’ve seen Lord of the rings then my two are like merry and pippin  ‘ What about second breakfast ? ‘ yes they had already had brekkie by this point but again doesnt stop them !

So we go out to the Harvester for an all you can eat and a continental for the little uns , and we thought as the day is so nice ( the SUN was shining for once ) we took a wee trundle around town and ended buying some disney DVD’s for little wookie as a treat for being a good girl this week, she has been very helpful lately and brushing her teeth without prompting etc , just as the time was ticking away and certain little ewok’s were in and out of naps we decided to see how they would cope with some fresh sea air down the waterfront and some arcade’s (especially the 2p machines ) we didnt win much but someone enjoyed themselves XD us big kids and the wee one , eventually we made our way home as little people were getting very tired.

We made them a snack and off to bed they went , tuckered out after all that clean air and not watching repeats of show’s again on telly it was lush , as most of you hubbs and I dont get many day’s together these day’s as were always busy with work and nursery stuff and me with housework and beaver’s it was just nice to have a day with my family (not all of them , but that will happen one day ) .

I hope you made the most of the sunshine before we met the ‘beast’ again this weekend x

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