Dummies or whatever you call them? 

Whatever you or your child call them :

  1. Dummy
  2. Binkie
  3. Bah Bah
  4. Plug

To name a few these are the things us parents have found to be a lifesaver when it comes to the comfort and overall peacemakers where our progeny are concerned, the thing I say mommy is finding the hardest is trying to convince little wookie to give up hers as little ewok is quite attached to his at the moment and needs them to help with sleeping and teething.

I’ve tried telling her the Dummy fairy is coming to visit but shes not buying it, I’ve even tried telling her that santa needs them for the children of the world just proves she is damn stubborn, what more can I try as she is getting older now and will be starting to get ready for school x

We try and do so much at home with her who knows she may turn and just all of a sudden out of nowhere but it won’t hurt to get some extra help, what have you guys done to persuade your little ones to part ways with their special friend x

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