Why is it mom’s wake up first?

Or just seems the be case with me yesterday was perfect both of them slept through the night 7pm-7am but today it appears I’ve jinxed myself and our lovely little wookie decides 5.30 is a great time to wake mommy up she likes to hand me my watch (tick-tock) and my glasses and hairbands as these are the things she’s come to associate with mommy and as I put them on everyday she knows that I am getting up, we haven’t figured out that just because we are awake doesn’t mean the whole world is.

The other thing is she has to wake up little ewok so I have no choice but to get up oh well lets hope the day goes nice and smoothly I believe a couple of placed cups of tea might help with that.

Today’s blog is a short excerpt I will come back and explore this topic later but first let me feel a bit more comps mentis first x

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