Some apologies I have to make first and foremost as some of my posts lately on here and facebook have caused some concern for my family and friends with some of the things or comments i make in my posts.

I am okay I have lost a little weight and struggled with anxiety but with some luck will be on the mend, as things will turn themself around , I have to be thankful for the things I do have , such as a roof over my head and a gorgeous family who are very caring and supportive and a awesome group of friends x

Some of the things I post on here are for new mom’s and veteran mom’s only , and doesnt necessarily reflect my take on how my life is going , yes it is roughly about my experiences but its also a way to help other people who are or have experienced the same thoughts and feeling’s I have or have had in the past , and the ways in which we explore these thoughts or ideals , some of the posts are just for pure educational purposes and again to help those or just to share pure funny as hell excerpts or comical anecdotes I have read from other articles on Facebook or some internet site that tickled me that day , this blog was purely started for those reasons not to make people concerned about me or my welfare x

Please continue to enjoy my musing’s as I do this for us not just me x If you have a blog or know a friend who has one then send me the link as I do enjoy reading other people’s sometimes on my lunch break at work x x


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