Blame Game : is 3 the new 2 ( the age of the threenager)

In most relationship’s/marriage’s there comes a time when temper’s are flared and the weight of new parenthood or being an parent again to an new addition can take it’s toll and can bring on the Blame Game as who hasnt done the washing up or who’s turn is it to change the baby , or who done bedtime last or the classic who is awake to do the nighttime feed.

Also the endless string of nights and long day’s take it’s toll on both of us , as our children continue to grow we are faced with their milestones ( see earlier post ) the one we are currently finding ourselves addressing is the terrible 2’s or so we thought as our little wookie is approaching another year older we’ve had a relatively easy time so far xx but as the day’s progress the nap time we have decided is no longer happening and now we are faced with the threenager , an attitude filled little rage monster that doesnt want to share toy’s and hits and screams and basically lay’s down the law to you or try’s ( this mummy and daddy dont relent .

  • potty training is becoming a nightmare- the mobility was easier and pull-ups are just a cop out ( see speech) cant communicate if she needs to go or has gone
  • tantrums are worse-read above
  • a nit picky eater – have become very fussy lately and very hard on what we can give her
  • speech is coming along still not there yet and hard to understand but she knows what she wants to say but finding it hard to communicate shes not 3 yet it will come in time
  • with little ewok he wants to walk so badly but is struggling and sometimes comes down to laziness

Other than these things we find it amongst ourselves that we have been lucky and blessed with these two but to say it has been trying is an understatement, remember at the end of the day you are a partnership and both of you should shoulder the responsibility and remember that yes even though you have children you chose each other first to build this relationship and partnership and should be 50/50 no one should be falling into that category of one person is doing all the work where the kids are concerned if that’s the way you were raised than so be it and some of us respect that  ,  but no one said that parenting would be a walk in the park !

Why else do we have an appreciation for our parent’s before us as they had to do all of this with us and they somehow survived whether they were crying into their wine at night or not xx .

Have you played the blame game ? and if so please share below and share your stories of how you overcame it .











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