Friendship- what,where,how,when?

In the day’s before us friendship meant you would do anything and everything for that person, nowaday’s how far is too far and what would you sacrifice of yourself for friendship?

Does true friendship even exist ? In a digital age can friendship truly survive , as with many social media outlet’s friendships are being tested to the point in never knowing what comment’s mean as many can be perceived as vicious or  the confusion is understated and the likes of Facebook, instagram , twitter and snapchat being used as these vices for the reports you see and as mummy and daddy’s our frienships are really put to the test when we have children as how many is too many pictures and some swear they will be there for us through thick and thin when we need them and then disappear then there are those that move away and will facetime to make sure your not losing your shit most of the time ( you know who you are and i LOVE YOU for it ! ) and some that are close and message every second and though they not be mummys themselves you appreciate for all the effort they put in x or the girl who is there on a sunday to dance with you at work and make you smile , or the friends who come round to sit with your kids for an hour or two just to give you a break ! these are the friends I treasure .

What quirks do you search for in a friend is loyalty still regarded as king or is it out of style and not considered cool anymore and out the door , or do you prefer that person who makes you laugh so loud and hard it makes you snort so bad milk flys out of your nose ( yes that happened to me ) or just the person who gives you the time of day there are many types out there who do you consider your best/friend/friends ? and if you could would you say thankyou just for being them ?




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