Easter Sunday

Started off your usual typical easter way with the consumption of the first choccie eggs for breakfast ( not the whole thing !) even though little ewok did think 6.30am was an acceptable time to wake up this morning, we did spread it out over the day and they still have some left ! a thing unheard of in this house well to say the kids faces were happy was an understatement , good job mummy and daddy XD

The rest of the day was fairly simple , mummy’s original plan was to have an egg hunt in the garden but weather being as shite as has it been decided that wasnt the best option and will save for next time , mainly we found plenty of movies to entertain and lots of playing games we had facetime with grandma and told her what our plans were , then nanny came round and spent some time with us and joined for lunch and more choccie for the kids much to their delight and brought some cool gifts from her trip x

Most of the day was spent chilling out and doing bits and pieces around the house , both little wookie and ewok are now snuggling down for the night in their brand new pj’s ( thankyou nanny x ) and looking forward to finishing the rest of the chocolate that mummy had to put up high and out of the way ….you try telling two toddlers they cant have chocolate all day everyday !

Hope your day was filled with eggcitement( yes i know it was there and I went for it …so sue me ) and happiness x

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