Frustration nation

I dont know how many times I have to physically say things again and again to our children and constantly pull them down from things they have climbed up on bookshelves they shouldn’t have and the amount of times I have put back dvd’s on the shelf just because they find it amusing because our little wookie wants to watch and we already have it on the TV is frustrating as hell .

The most frustrating thing I have to deal with is the game our children like to play of how close can I physically get to the TV without knocking it over of course , I swear they are going to need glasses at a very young age just because of the closeness they reach ! I understand the prettyness of the colours and sometimes yes it appears that the people are speaking to them especially but they do not need to be CLOSE ! and reach out to them its funny the first time when you find the white hand of sauron on your screen but the second /third and fourth time is a bit much thankyou for glass cleaner and wipes if not we wouldnt be able to watch our screen at all .

Yes I understand that I have over used the word so much already but I cant emphasise enough and yes it is equal to the amount of love we have for them , but it can be linked to the amount of times we have to play good cop/bad cop and if anyone knows me I do not enjoy being disciplinarian at all 😦



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