Living with a gamer part 2 (the follow up)

This post is mainly for the twitcher’s that follow my hubby’s channel as they’ve recently started reading my stuff ( thanks to hubby showing support on his streams ) I done a post about being with a gamer when I started up this blog about post no. 19 to be exact, on how it was to live with a gamer and there habits x

So onwards to the topic at hand I am first and foremost very proud of what my hubby has achieved from our last post , to some I know it wont mean much but he made affilitate ( confetti) and has started gaining more viewers and followers , and from what he used to have a very basic streaming set up , has now progressed to more elaborate and exciting streaming abilities , every tuesday he and hetero life partner (his words not mine x ) have started doing a co-op stream ranging from classic gaming to cheesey couple of pence games on steam, to the ones we know like PUBG and battlefield 4

Its nice to feel included and be able to join in from time to time and chat to the people who follows him or generally just asking for advice, yes a downside is some people see it takes away from our relationship we have always stated ours is not a conventional relationship its a one of those it shouldn’t work but it does jobs x .

There are ways I should adhere to living with a gamer but havent gotten round to yet

and will rectify when I have the oppurtunity such as

  • Making sure the fridge is stocked with appropriate beverages and snacks fit for gaming lengths ranging from a couple of hours to all night
  • A space ie a man cave or area designated just for him and a home for all the cables !
  • Love and support -which ive pretty much got covered anyway

And anything else he needs for his gaming practices or adventures but time and money will tell x


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