Let the sunshine in x

Today’s been a glorious day beautiful sunshine which being a ginger/red head I am going to regret ( I don’t tan… I burn) other than that it actually allowed me to do a rare thing and use my washing line!! Which was starting to feel a little rejected due to all the snow we have been having lately and finally got to get the lawn mower out the one thing we dread as any of my close friends and relatives know wookie and I have a large garden….. I mean it’s pretty long and mowing that bugger is not the most fun especially as I found today in this heat 🔥 mind you little wookie and little ewok got to be out in the sun today and we’re much to this mom’s delight we’re good as gold 🥇 while mommy cut the grass x as any mom knows to toddlers it can be tricky or actually with any child especially as they want your attention or have done something or been somewhere they shouldn’t.

Other than this here is hoping to many more nice days and can enjoy it


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