Auntie day’s -reflections x

Recently I’ve been picking up my nephew from nursery after picking up little wookie and it’s been an adventure but also the best time as there is no better thing than to spend time with your nieces and nephew’s ..yes i have been guilty once or twice of sitting there on my phone instead of paying attention but the best day’s happened to me when I found out I was to become an aunt not once but 3 times xx

These little people literally took my world and flipped it upside down , and a love that could rival that of my own children, they make me laugh and swell with pride just with the people they are becoming , there have been many an trip and ride ….mainly involving just rides like carnival merry-go-rounds and rollercoasters (which this auntie is terrified of ) and something that plagues most people my camera phone is full !

All 1200 of them and all of them featuring them in some shape of form , an giggly smiley albeit sometimes toothless smile or some food that has managed to miss their mouth and form a jokeresque smile around it , learning to walk ( with aunties help ) trying to fish in nanny’s and grandad’s pond or just a adorable selfie that has come to perch on my bedside table x

how have you spent your auntie days , and may they be filled with love and adventures that last x

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