What a bunch of weeks

Well where can I start first of all let me apologise for not posting for a while lots of stuff has been happening in the Wookie household , we’ve been in the throws of potty training with Little Wookie and has had two full morning’s in nursery with knickers ( one or two accidents but no expectation of perfection right away ) ! no pullups  as for little ewok he has gotten this walking business down to an art now, full lengths of the living room to the kitchen and back again though gave momma a heartache today and managed to climb the full breadth of steep stairs we have in our house ( queue the heavy-breathing)

As for us adults well weve been plodding along with work and general household chores, im scared we can actually see our carpet again ….forgotten what it looked like underneath all the toys and chaos , and well what can i say about the weather that hasnt all ready been said it was gorgeous and lots of playing out in the garden was needed also the countdown to my birthday has begun though its not a big one this year im in two minds about it and am I looking forward to it or not though a new pair of shoes may just have swayed me a little ( thankyou mama x ) , also this week is leading to the big royal wedding (which im recording …..i need to see if camilla has shined her bridal or not

Tonight’s blog is sponsored by my hubby’s stream and my playlist on youtube so if it seems a little disjointed im trying to talk to him or not to boogey too hard Lol

Well im sure that hasnt covered everything but i dont wanna be seen as repeating again so ill try to keep it fresh for the next installment thankyou for your patience x catch ya guys in a bit

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