Feeling a little Garfield

Well normally everyone hates that Monday feeling but today was a doosey starting at the beautiful hour of 5 am courtesy of little ewok screaming down the house for god knows how long and what for so my ideal punishment was making him watch the Royal wedding! According to a source it shouldn’t be the best course but the way I was feeling not even coffee would or could scratch the surface.

Which leads to little wookie finally gracing out of bed and showing signs of maybe should of stayed there as has joined the grizzle parade causing mommy to increase the volume, my ultimate goal was to get her to the doctors today to see what they would recommend only to be told what I’ve been told every other time keep doing what we’re doing even though her eczema is getting to the point of bleeding and weeping because of the scratching.

Queue an angry and irate mommy of being told they don’t have the medicine in and walking the blocks to get to the top of a large steep hill to get the creams and go home before it decides it wants to rain or not! All the while little ewok is tired and grumpy and refusing to sleep even though he could do with a nap and is normally pretty good but today just weren’t having it, think it was down to teething or a combination of something else other way hes medded up and hopefully gonna sleep soundly tonight ( fingers crossed).

Also this mummy’s trousers and cardigan was ruined once by a daughter not quite concentrating and making my leg feel warm and the other by a bird who felt my arm was good enough to relieve itself on ( some say its lucky) I say that bird is lucky it got away with its life! Other than that I got some time to chill last night or so I thought as bum touched the bottom of the bath only to have one of those creepy slow door opening moments to reveal little wookie got out of bed and decided to help mommy get washed x

Here’s hoping today is better

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