Weight gain…. To weight Where’s it gone?

Ive always maintained a decent figure upon my being but lately I have found that the pounds I used to have floating around my midriff have disappeared even before children I used to be a cushty size 16 down to a 14 easing my way down to 12 after having little wookie a acceptable 10 (we were going to a wedding ) to much my surprise another wedding some years later and we have stopped at a size 8!! now I know some dresses and articles of clothing depending on where you purchase them from can vary and depending on the cut of the fabric can be different elsewhere but this blogger was pleasantly surprised nay gobsmacked !!! that my body managed to fit in the darn thing in the first place .

For a saving of my bacon I didnt take any photos of me in said dress as would cause more people to hate me or call me names some in french I cant pronounce or type because of some of my readers ( otherwise i shall start putting a rating on these things ) but I have found one or two of me previously just to give a scope of how I used to be

A couple of examples every other one I had I was quite clever and managed to be sitting down or had something strategically placed in front of my stomach LOL so the one on the left is me and my cousin’s amazing wife from america Karyn x at newmarket races and the one on the right is the night of my hen do x , we were sexy pirates the only other ones I have are ones of my wedding day and I shall save those for another post for another day .

Is it better being smaller or is the stigma too much these days to be a certain size and shape and should mummy shaming continue ?

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