The dad segment/father’s day

All the while I’ve been posting from an mothers perspective and breaking down the curtain of my tawdry details …..I was hoping to elaborate or open the door on the men that support us and shed some light on their takes on being daddy some of the highlight’s some of the lowlight’s but I shall instead allow them to continue in the adventures and making memories and smiles with their loved ones xxx  and just take the time to show some appreciation for the fathers out there who do/ would do everything for their kids and for the father’s who are yet to be and the dad’s who stepped in and took on the responsibilty of someone else’s x

I salute you gentleman !!!

For this morning though we treated daddy to a bacon sandwich with help from mummy x for presents the kid’s chose a papa bear keychain and some grizzly socks ( they call me mama bear on account I have a tatty teddy dressing gown with ears and a face to use to rarr at the little uns ) so Little wookie’s thinking was we should get these for daddy off we go to find some card’s and Lo behold the one she picks out has a dinosaur on it , we took a little time seeing anything else but couldnt find much , managed to walk a fair way down the street when Little wookie stops all of a sudden and says mummy ! daddy’s shop meaning GAME (bless her ) so we take a wander to see what else we could find and at first she picks up an xbox game , well i told her daddy wouldnt like that so mummy finds some voucher’s to which we find the appropriate one and she totters off to the till x to go and pay pennies to which mummy brings up the rear and pays the gentleman pennies and says ‘ TA’ off we totter home.

Unfortunately daddy had to go to work today  😦 but we did some housework with nanny and managed to visit grandad today and put some lovely flowers on for him x and we cooked a nice tea for daddy before being too tired and settling down for the night xx hope you have had a good day sweetheart despite working me and the kids love you x

Hope you spoilt the men in your life today x


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