Never say never to a reunion x they say you can never go home again

If you are like me and have those friend’s you made in school and lost contact with , then by all means pick up the phone and call them , for today I had the nicest lunch with an old school chum of mine , one of the original pack xx and got to meet his wonderful other half , visiting for one of our other friends nuptials this weekend and to say it was an emotional reunion well pass this blogger the tissues , I wanted to pinch him to make sure he was real !!!

It wasnt the fanciest of places we went but it was nice for the kids to have lunch and entertain themselves while mummy reminisced about the adventures we used to have and what mischief we used to get up to and what teacher’s we nearly ended up putting in therapy ! and have a little wonder around all the places we used to play and hang out and while we chatted and wished our coffee was wine/cider( which would of been perfect had it not been for children obviously ) but also the weather had been a godsend and was just right to sit out and entertain our rendezvouz.

If like me you had those friendship’s you forged when you were little , track them down and have a catch up you just might find out how much you have in common or just find how theurapeutic it can be to chat and you just might find they may be going through what you are ….never say never and if they say you can’t go home again…… What a load of BS! As we quite rightly proved x

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