Two words……Baby shark! and achieving the 100th post

Those that have seen recently on Facebook that our little wookie has decided that this particular song has become her favourite thing of late and if any one has heard this song ….if you can call it that is about as high on my list of disdain as the so called Floss ( dance move again if you call it that sweeping the internet ) it not only has to be played once or twice during the day it is played MORNING, NOON and NIGHT !!

Though as parent’s we are morally obliged to give our children what they desire and when they accompany big tears if said song isnt played then this is our moral compass to bear x

Is there any particular song or craze that drives you up the wall but you tolerate for your precious ones ??? Feel free to leave a message or comment

Thankyou for following me all this time and reading these excerpts of a tired mummy on a journey of discovering parenthood one step at a time x

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