6 weeks of heaven or hell

Now the holidays are upon us , are you the mom that dread’s them and the chaos they bring of having a house full of screaming , demanding little monkey’s or are you the mom that welcome’s the entertainment and learning or are you the fun mom that does lots of activities with your little one’s and just goes on a wing and a prayer , what style do you find suits you best ?

If you find yourself like me budgeted and limited in your choices there are some really good thing’s creeping up on the internet nowaday’s to help keep you from losing your sanity and your little one’s from decorating your favourite pair of shoe’s with marker because their either bored or they think mummy’s shoes need a new look !

Having a little scope around the web and found a collective on Mumsnet.com have swapped and shared some idea’s on how to keep loved one’s engaged in activities over the summer generally focus on

  • Trips out to heritage places – museum’s , castle’s -get to play knight’s
  • Making fort’s /den’s out in the garden
  • Chalk’s -great for indoor’s/outdoor’s -great hand/eye coordination
  • Growing their own fruit’s/vegetable’s -little project
  • Paddling pool’s -especially with the weather weve been having recently
  • Rainy day’s – making things out of toilet paper roll’s

Just to name a few and give ya a little hint as to what some of us mom’s and dad’s get up to over the 6 week’s that is the summer holiday’s x let us know what sort of thing’s you have planned or are looking forward to doing this term x


( photo supplied by google images and credited to jimsmasterpieces )



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