The sound of crickets chirping

I’m sorry it has been quiet lately with posts but I have been busy with being a mummy , working and my other responsilbilties I seem to have adopted, recently I was asked to guest feature for a freelance writing website and have been trying to rack my brain on how to present a piece that is worthy enough of being tolerable and not boring but as usual I find myself in that old adage of I can write on here no problem but when it comes down to it I freeze !

Other than that nothing much exciting is happening in the world of the wookie household , maybe that little ewok is finally being upgraded to a bigger bed as the cot is no longer big enough for him and we tend to have many accident’s that are keeping him awake at night 😦 and moving little wookie into a bigger bed x ( i wish they didnt have to grow but oh well )

We have had many adventure’s so far but the holiday’s are not over yet and will no doubt fill you in when they end as to what we’ve been upto all i will say thankgod for the rain as that heat was unbearable , appreciated but whew !!! talk about hotter than satan’s undershort’s after a vindaloo ! hope your all keeping well and shall speak to you all soon x



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