Uttering the words….I do

Thursday and Friday was this merry blogger’s anniversary… we originally wanted to be married on the 31st but as this was a sunday and the church we had booked was having mass we couldnt so opted for the day before instead hence the 2 anniversarie’s just like the queen’s birthday ….but without all the royalty and pageantry !

Seeming as it wasnt one of the big number’s me and the hairier wookie decided that we had a voucher left over from my birthday ( thankyou brother x ) putting it to good use we ended up seeing Ant man and the wasp and found it to be enjoyable though in all the year’s we have been married (4) and together (6) hubbs has never learned not to leave said blogger with a large bag of popcorn ! as with most thing’s I tend to consume these day’s they have this bad habit of disappearing : + or not lasting very long Lol .

On the friday I was informed that we were to be meeting a fellow twitcher from the community as he had put aside two free ticket’s to see their band ( Saving Scarlet ) play at the Apex in the local area and boy what a night that was , 5 astounding band’s in a very decent venue I must say and overall quality of the place and the acts themselves …can only recommend you give them a listen and judge for yourselves what you think x

Golden Bantic

Saving Scarlet- give them a look all tunes are available for download on platforms

They signed it for me !! please excuse the face no idea why u pulled that face !?


Tom Lumley

Kilo Down

Which brings me onto a next point for those that are budgeted from month to month , do you find /feel like you have to do something to impress your significant other or is simply less is more ? as I found we didnt have to do anything extravagant owing that it was our anniversary but simply we just took the time to be ourselves and go back to the thing’s that we fell in love with each other in the first place , feel free to drop me a message if you wanna continue a discussion I’ve recently posted in the past or carry on with this one all i’ll say now is I can only hope you’ve enjoyed the six week holiday’s or your happy/dreading them going back to school drop me a line stay sassy x

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